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For those who love to take photographs of the natural places are always facing problem in not able to capture the real beauty of the that place in camera. This is due to the lack of the panorama feature of the camera , due to lack of panorama feature you are not able to capture that complete scene which is giving a combined perfect beautiful effect.

Now for android users this problem is resolved by this wonderful application. Now Install this application and take the pictures of the beautiful places of the world with your android camera. This will allow you to take 360 degree picture with your android camera in seconds and pictures will be stitched in seamless way which can’t be done with the traditional cameras.

360 PANORAMA 1.0.1 APK Download 300x146 360 PANORAMA 1.0.6 APK Download Available for Android 360 PANORAMA 1.0.1 APK


Photaf Panorama Pro 3.0.0 v3.0 Apk Download For Android full cracked Photaf Panorama Pro 3.0.6 (v3.0.6) Apk Download For Android

Photaf Panorama Pro has been updated to version 3.0.6 with a crash issue on Sony Ericsson Xperia device due to auto focus failure. Photaf Panorama, brought to you by Oren Bengigi, the developer that brought you Faceblender, I eat cockroach and Noogra Nuts, is an application that allows you to capture panorama photos from your Android device. Just like ProCapture and Pano, Photaf panorama is a useful application for phrotographers.

Photaf Panorama Pro allows you to take a beautiful view, which is more beautiful than the regular photo because with panorama mode, you can capture images widely. You can view photaf’s panorama gallery and get tips for a better panorama result in

With this app, you can share your panoramas to your friends through facebook, Set panorama as Live Wallpaper, Move the images to SD Card, HD Mode, Automatic Images stitching, and use camera in portrait mode. Photaf Panorama Pro 3.0.6.APk works on Android 2.1 and higher version, Photaf Panorama Pro is also optimized for Tablet Honeycomb devices. Photaf Panorama Pro 3.0.6 has about 5 MB of APk file size. Download and install Photaf Panorama Pro 3.0.6.Apk and capture your best panorama.

Photaf Panorama Pro 3.0.0 v3.0 Apk Download For Android paid cracked full Photaf Panorama Pro 3.0.6 (v3.0.6) Apk Download For Android

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