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Google Nexus One Android 2.3.6 Manual Update

Posted: January 10, 2012 by androidapk in androidtricks
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Google Nexus OneGoogle Nexus One which received Andorid 2.3.6 is released. The grand father of iPhone and Google’s first Nexus skip it its updated. Android 2.3.5 was skipped from 2.3.4. It is now 2.3.6 is available for the update. Google Nexus One can be updated manually and substantially it includes essential bug fixes and security patches.

Of you want to get Google Nexus One update, you first have to download the ROM file. Google Nexus One Android 2.3.6 has been suited with ROM file. Make sure you have updated Android 2.3.4 (GRJ22) instead of the custom ROM file. After renaming the downloaded file to “”, you need to move it SD card. Otherwise, all your data and root will be lost.

Google Nexus One Update is started with switching off the phone and the on again by pressing volume down and power button simultaneously. When the screen has shown up, Recovery will appear as the second choice. Then, you select it. Triangle and exclamation will appear in your screen, and then you give mark on it by pressing volume up and power button. When Recovery is seen, apply SDcard Last Google Nexus One update is rebooting, so will boot into last update.

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Reverting Android Markets Methods

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