Google maps 6.1.1 (v6.1.1) Apk Download For Android

Posted: January 26, 2012 by androidtrick in androidapps
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Google Maps 5.12.0 Apk Download For Android Google maps 6.1.1 (v6.1.1) Apk Download For AndroidGoogle Inc has released an update of official Google Maps Application to Google Maps 6.0.0 with some updates and new features have been added to the app like voice and ringtone  notification for voice beta, voica beta now supports android honeycvomb and bubble button lab to call and navigate button to result on the map. The huge improvement in this version is that the Google Maps 6.1.1 now supports indoor navigation. There are many malls, airports and many more available for indoor gps navigation.

Google Maps is so far the best online GPS navigation application for Android, with its features and abilities like voice guided GPS navigation, find and rate the recommended place, see friend on the maps with latitudes and check in feature. On this version, some features have been added as well. Those are Place page personalization by uploading pictures from your visit, stared and recently visited place management in the “My Places” tab, see descriptive terms for places in search result and Place pages, and add a new place to ‘Place’ while checking in.

Google Maps 6.1.1.apk works on Android 2.1 and higher version. Google Maps 6.1.1 has about 6 MB of Apk file size. Download Google Maps now and get navigated whether you’re indoor or outdoor.

google maps 5.5.0 apk Google maps 6.1.1 (v6.1.1) Apk Download For Android

Recent Changes

Latest version Google Maps 6.1.1

How To Download Google Maps 6.1.1 Apk For Android

–          Download Google Maps 6.1.1. Apk Download Here

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