Carnival Of Horrors APK ANDROID

Posted: January 26, 2012 by androidapk in Android OS
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Carnival Of Horrors is a strategical defense game, same as the Plants Vs Zombies Game. So if you’re fed up of playing the typical plants shooting walking zombies in your backyard, maybe you should start trying Carnival Of Horrors.

You start your adventure in Carnival of horror as a Ghost Catcher.  Why? The carnival is haunted by restless ghosts. You’ve been hired as a Ghost Catcher, more of a ghost buster I guess. You’ll build a tesla coil for you to exterminate the ghosts. Upon the strike of lightning on ghosts, their health will be reduced until they disappear. Collect lightning bolts from the sky to purchase tesla coils and other defensive buildings later on the game.

Download Carnival of Horrors here for android.


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