Angry Birds Year Of The Dragon (UPDATE) APK ANDROID

Posted: January 26, 2012 by androidapk in Android OS
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Angry birds latest APK ANDROID

Finally, the latest update for ANGRY BIRDS is here – ANGRY BIRDS: YEAR OF THE DRAGON. Download the installer here, FREE, FULL VERSION and ADS Free for ANDROID devices.

So what’s new in the Angry Birds’ latest update? Chinese musical background and ofcourse, Year of the Dragon theme levels. Watch out for the pigs who wear chinese costumes. There are new sets of levels offered here on the latest update.

In addition, you could exchange all your birds in a single level for a ferocious dragon. But use it wisely because it’s only available once every hour. Use it on a very difficult stage.

How about using a dragon every hour per stage? Challenge Accepted. Several hours of gameplay here we go!

Download the latest Angry Birds update here for android:


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