Download CyanogenMod 9 Music App,The awesome Music Player for Ice Cream Sandwich devices

Posted: January 18, 2012 by androidtrick in androidapps
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Download CyanogenMod 9 Music App

If you keep eyes on Android news, by now you have already known about the beautiful CyanogenMod 9 Music App developed by Andrew Neal which will soon merge into CM9. By far this is the most completed, cool and full featured Android Music player with beautiful UI. Exciting news is you can install this awesome music player right now on your device just as normal apps before it comes to CM9, even if you are not planning to flash CM9. Sadly it will work on Ice Cream Sandwich running devices only meaning only Galaxy Nexus owners and those who had install ICS on Nexus S, Galaxy S or any other phone withCM9 are in luck.

The key features of CyanogenMod 9 Music App are:

It’s all about customisation, Every drawable (images, backgrounds, etc), all text views, and each seek bars can be themed using the theme engine.Gestured based and motion controls such as Fling up to control your music, long press for Party Shuffle, long press for queue.Rich and custom notifications. Drag & Drop queue and playlist. Custom lock screen and Widgets

Download CyanogenMod 9 Music Apk and themes from the links below and don’t forget to checkout the details, more screenshots at the source link. Enjoy!

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