35 Best Free Android Apps of 2011

Posted: January 18, 2012 by androidapk in androidapps

Android Market features millions of apps. Such a plethora often makes the situation more puzzling since it becomes hard for an Android user to choose the best and most productive apps for him/herself. ABI Research reported that Google’s Android Market overtook Apple’s in Q2 2011, becoming the marketshare leader in mobile app downloads with a 44 percent share, versus Apple’s 31 percent. If you’re an Android smartphone owner, that should come as no surprise. Not only does the Android operating system power a wide array of handsets from HTC to Samsung (Apple, as always, has its OS tied exclusively to its own hardware), but there are many excellent apps that expand your cell phone’s out-of-the-box functionality. And many of the best Android apps are free Android apps.  Here is a short list of apps that may help you in choosing one for youself. Are you ready to check out the best free Android apps? Long-time Android users will find a solid mix of some oldie but goodies, as well as relatively new apps.


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