Windows 7 for Android 1.6 [v1.6] APK Download Free

Posted: January 16, 2012 by androidapk in Android OS
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Windows 7 for Android is the android apps which is now updated with lot of improvements and bugs fixation. Using Win 7 for Android, now it becomes easier for the android users to emulate Win 7 over the android device. For the Motorolla mobile phone users their is a separate fix available to customize the Home screen, we will suggest to use that program “Moto Home Fix” by Nightshade Labs.

Windows 7 for Android app is having the ability to change the default home application and  you can now have access to anything on your android phone by using this Windows 7 for Android. No additional downloads are required,  Like many other applications available which require other additional software for their working. Interface is more quicker than any other app available and it will consume less memory as compared to the other ones.

 task bar start menuwidgets pageand desktop

Windows 7 for Android task bar is having the main features of windows 7 device; the start button, the browser, messaging, dialer, and the launcher. launcher feature will make a list of all installed applications and now you can choose one to run. The start menu feature will allows you to get quick access to the Market, pictures, music, contacts, email, social networking, and other applications. Windows 7 for Android also includes a great widgets feature

Download Windows 7 for Android on your Android now and feel Windows 7 UI on your mobile device.

Windows 7 for Android 1.6 v1.6 APK Download Free Windows 7 for Android 1.6 [v1.6] APK Download Free Windows 7 for Android APK Download Free


Download Windows 7 for Android 1.6 Apk For Android 


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