Swype v3.26.92.37724 MULTI ALL-RES OEM Apk Download For Android

Posted: January 16, 2012 by androidtrick in androidapps
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Swype makes it easy to input text on your screen, with the continous motion of finger (if you have capasitive touchscreen) or stylus (if you have the resistive one). Swype is designed for multi device, it is designed for all touchscreen device with virtual keyboards like PDA, phones, tablets, consoles and more.

Swype features 40+ words per minute on touchscreen devices, Standard QWERTY layout plus edit and numeric layers, Extensive language support, personal dictionary, Patented Swype input algorithm with predictive tap support, Integrated with 3rd party voice and handwriting solutions and available for many operating systems such as Android, Apple, Symbian, Windows Phone and more.

Swype 3.26 supports devices with WVGA, HVGA, WXVGA and QVGA screen,  Swype 3.26 supports 28 languages. This is the ripped version from the latest Swype in Samsung Galaxy Note, you don’t have to connect to the internet while installing this application. Swype 3.26.Apk works on Android 2.1 and higher version.

Swype v3.26 apk download for android full cracked free apk Swype v3.26.92.37724 MULTI ALL RES OEM Apk Download For Android

Recent Changes

Latest version Swype 3.26 (Swype vv3.26.92.37724)

How To Download Swype v3.26.92.37724 Apk For Android

–          Download Swype v3.26.92.37724 Apk Free Download Here


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