Minebuilder 1.9.4 (v1.9.4) Apk Download For Android

Posted: January 9, 2012 by androidpapa in androidgames
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Minebuilder 1.9.0 apk download full cracked android Minebuilder 1.9.4 (v1.9.4) Apk Download For AndroidA minecraft alike game Minebuilder has been updated to version 1.9.4 with some bugs fixed. In version 1.9.4 features and improvements was added.In version 1.9.2, new textures was added, less lag, complete rewrite of the previous game and day and night. In this version, some features was temporarily removed like multiplayer support, minecraft importer and this version no longer support device with small screen like HTC wildfire. But in version 1.9.4, some of the ability was restored, such as the constrol sensivity and free look. In this version, multiplayer is brought back, night is brighter, monsters die in daylight and bug fixes.

Minebuilder 1.9.4 allows you to craft things and build your own world. Minebuilder 1.9.4 features craft or remove blocks, crafting, monster and texture pack. There is a plan for the next version 1.10, will be added animals and the temporarily removed features will be repacked.

Minebuilder 1.9.4.Apk works on Android 2.1 and higher version, Minebuilder 1.9.4 has about 2,5 MB of APk file size. Download and install Minebuilder 1.9.4 and start crafting things you like.

Minebuilder 1.9.0 apk download full cracked android apk Minebuilder 1.9.4 (v1.9.4) Apk Download For Android

Recent Changes

Latest version Minebuilder 1.9.4

How to Download Minebuilder 1.9.4 Apk For Android 

–          Download Minebuilder 1.9.4 .Apk Download Here (Link Wait)

–          Download Minebuilder 1.9.3 .Apk Full Download Here [4pda Link]

–          Download Minebuilder 1.9.3 .Apk Free Download Here


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