Automatically disable Silent Mode on Android Phone [Important calls]

Posted: January 9, 2012 by androidapk in androidapps
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android-silentMostly, we tend to silent the  our phones at night for a comfortable sleep. This is a good thing as long as the call is not that important.

But what happens if you are receiving an important call from your friend in case of an Emergency ? You still miss it.

Solution: Now, it would actually be possible for anyone calling in emergency to bypass the Phone’s silent mode and ring the phone. The secret sauce is the powerful all-in-one app called Tasker.

How it Works:

You’ve turned on silent mode for a meeting or sound sleep and now someone calls you, as expected, your phone is silent. An Sms is sent back to the caller with the instructions that tell the caller to send you a text message containing a keyword. This keyword unsilences  your phone so that the next time they call, you’ll hear it.

How to get started

Tasker works by responding to certain situations (called contexts) with certain actions (called task).

So what’s the context in our case? It’s the phone being on silent. Unfortunately, that’s not a context Tasker recognizes! So instead we’ve created a variable that we can toggle with a widget that puts the phone in silent and sets up the emergency call handling.

It may be that you use Tasker to put your phone on silent during certain hours of the day or whatever. In that case you can just use that same context to enable the emergency call system.

So we’ve got a profile that changes the phone to silent and a profile that sends a text message with instructions when a VIP calls (and the phone is on silent).

There’s also a stand-alone task that toggle the silent mode variable which we assign to a widget.

The last thing we need is a profile that responds to the keyword and takes the phone off silent.

Here are the XML files to import in to Tasker.

They need to be customized for your VIP numbers and you will probably want to customize the message you send out and maybe the keyword too. You can do that after you’ve imported to your phone but it’ll be easier to open the files in a text editor on your PC and do it there before importing. Here’s what to do:

Open up send-wakeup-instructions.prf.xml
Find the line 5554443333/5551234566/5559876543
Replace the numbers with your VIP numbers

Find this line Automated message: My phone is on silent…
Customize your instruction message. Remember not to go over the text message limit as Tasker won’t split it for you.

The other files don’t need customizing unless you want to change the keyword for unsilencing. In which case search for “wakeupcall” in un-silence.prf.xml and change it to whatever you want.

All you need to do now is get those files onto your SD card and import them into Tasker.

To import to Tasker click the Menu button, select Profile Data, select Import One Profile and import the xml files one at a time.

The final step is to add a widget to your home screen to toggle silent. To do that long press an empty spot on your home screen, choose Widget, choose Task, select Toggle Silent, pick an icon for it by clicking the button to the right of the wrench, click Make Widget and you’re all done.

It’s not a perfect system, but it’s pretty darn good. If you’ve got suggestions for improvements, or you’ve got another method you’ve used to accomplish a similar task, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

via Lifehacker

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