Android Exchange Email with HTML, Inline replies

Posted: January 9, 2012 by androidapk in androidapps
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When I first migrated from my Blackberry to iPhone and then Android, I had several problems with my Exchange email client configured on Android. The major problems I faced was lack of an Exchange Email client that could do:

HTML, full rich text emailsReply and Forward In-line emailsAccess Microsoft Exchange email without security password, pattern.

Lack of above three made my life hell with the corporate email. I own a Samsung Galaxy S, and the default Android Email app (or samsung app) didn’t do any of the above. It was later that I found that Galaxy SII and  my dad’s Galaxy Note had an Email client that can do Rich HTML email and inline replies. It was time to put all my apk reverse engineering tools together to make it work on my Galaxy S and other android phones.

After days of efforts and modifications, I managed to remove the Password and pattern lock restrictions and later made it portable so as to be installable on any Android device (I tested only on Android 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.x).

How to get Android Exchange Email with HTML inline replies, no Security Password, Pattern

1. Root your android phone. (also check these guides)

2. Remove any default (stock) “Email” app from your phones if they exist. I recommend using “Titanium backup” to backup and Uninstall the app.

3. Download the email.apk and install it (Unknown sources should be enabled).

You’re done!

This app is originally extracted from Samsung Galaxy Note running Android 2.3.5, should work on all Gingerbread devices without a problem. Others, I cannot guarantee.

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