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Posted: January 9, 2012 by androidapk in androidapps
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We all are concerned about out battery usages on android smartphones, and wish there was an was an easier way to track down battery depletion as we move on throughout the day.

We’ve seen alot of widgets that do that, but none of them is a complete solution. This new one created by XDA member ccounotte has to be one of the most complete stand alone battery widgets I have seen for an Android device. Battery Monitor Widget (BMW). It comes with all the information that you have ever wanted to get out of your battery consumption patterns.

The app will monitor voltage and current consumption, provide plots, monitor temperature, provide trends to estimate battery life, and much more. The app’s widget will give you all the basic information and there is a paid version that will provide you will graphical widgets as well.

As per the developer:

Shows %, temperature and mA in status bar using external packages.
Shows and saves history, shows scrollable/zoomable graphics, long-press for full-screen.
Triggers alarm base on battery full/charged/half or voltage and temperature levels.

To get battery %/mA/temp in status bar, go to settings, notification and alarms then select icon type ‘external package’.

TODOs (next update, soon):
– Add estimates button on main screen
– Add clear battery stat option
– Move clear history to history settings page

TODOs (future updates):
– Provide data to Process Monitor Widget
– Add current/total mAh capacity
– History backup (and reload)

Download from Market

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