How to unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab

Posted: January 8, 2012 by androidapk in androidtricks
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Many dAndroidTabletPC readers use not only Android phones but also Android tablets, especially one of the famous Galaxy Tab. So today we bring you this tutorial which will see the tutorial to unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab.

1 – First of all we have to have root access to Android, which is quite simple if we use Z4root you can download Z4root APK from here.

2 – After having root access on android, you have to download a file editor like HexEditor you can download HexEditor APK from here.

3 – Now you need to download a file browser with root access as Yaffs Explorer you can download from here.

4 – Now you have to open the Yaffs Explorer and go to Settings-> Enable root acces-> Yes

5 – Go to the / efs / nv_data.bin and select the file. Hold tight until the menu.

6 – Select the Permissions, select all the options and click SET.

7 – Before proceeding, it is advisable to make a backup. Now look / efs/nv_data.bin.md5 and select the option Permissions, select all the options and click SET.

8 – Then open the HexEditor and go to File Open and locate the file / efs / nv_data.bin and select it.

9 – Now we will address and seek Jump to the following addresses:

180069 | 0 × 180069 to 0x1800ce: Changing these Byte FF

181469 | 0 × 181469: Changing the byte from 01 to 00

18150e | 0x18150e: Put at 00

10 – Finally we must return to Yass Explorer and delete / efs/nv_data.bin.md5, reboot and voila! Now you have a unlock Samsung Galaxy Tab !

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