How to connect Android to PC via WIFI

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One of the first things I wanted to do when I got my Samsung Galaxy Ace was to find a way to connect storage mode to PC through a WiFi network. As there are no applications made directly to this, we will see some steps to add SD card as a disk drive that shows the contents of the SD device via WiFi android).

1) First we have to do is download and install On Air (Wifi Disk) on your Android device, you can download On Air from left link.

2) Now you have to open On Air (Wifi Disk) and choose the FTP connection. To do this you must click on the image to be above the top right at sign, until you exit the Linux penguin and FTP is selected as will protocol.

3) Then you have to click on the large middle button and start the disc.

4) Now you must enter to access Internet Explorer Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Find where you put “Use Passive FTP (for compatibility with firewalls and ADSL modems)” and uncheck.

5) From My Computer, choose “Connect Network Drive” and select “Connect to a web site can use to store documents and images” in order to get FTP access to the SD and accept.

6) Then you have to enter the address you have given the application to be something like ftp://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:2221

7) When trying to connect will ask user name and password:

Username : onair
Password: the 4 digits on the phone

Hurray !!  you have a new drive in your PC where you can view the contents of your SD card.

Note: To change the password every time you start the application, go to Preferences and select “Fixed Password” on your phone.

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