11 Ultimate Tips to Save Your Android Battery

Posted: January 8, 2012 by androidapk in androidtricks
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Android BatteryThe Android operating system offers a modern combination between mobile communications and PDA world. Its amazing features and multitasking functions are probably beyond people’s imagination a decade ago. However, as in any other electronic devices, it also has weaknesess. Among them is that many of the features available on Android devices could cause batteries to become drained very quickly. Hence, it is highly recommended to users of Android devices to know how to manage the device’s battery well in advance. To meet your comfort in using your Android device,please find some tips below to save your battery.

Turn off your Live Wallpaper.Live wallpaper makes your device looks good, but it really consumes your battery a lot.Choose black/dark wallpapers instead of light/colorful wallpapers.Black/dark wallpapers indeed need smaller energy than the colorful ones.Use black/dark theme as well as the lowest lighting display. These could make your battery live longer.Minimise the usage of homescreen.A lot of homescreen usage will cause processor and RAM work harder. As a result, the battery power will reduce quickly.Minimise your widget usage (only for the most important one). The more widget you use, the more applications run in the background. Again it will force the RAM work harder and has a great impact to the battery energy.De-activate all animations.Use 2G instead of 3GAndroid phone, as others do, always seeks for network signal constantly. If you are in in bad coverage locations, your Android phone will spend a lot of energy to seeking the network signal.  A lot of places in Indonesia are not covered by 3G network, unfortunately.Always put your phones in a place where it may receive the network well. This can save the power and avoid wasting your battery’s energy.Filed Under: Android Tips

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