Theft Aware v2.0 Full Build 1834 (2.0) Android Apk App

Posted: December 4, 2011 by androidapk in androidapps, androidgames

Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Control and find your phone in the event of loss or theft. REAL INVISIBILITY!

!! NEW: SMS FORWARDING, CALL NOTIFICATIONS (check out changelog!) – forgot your phone at some place? Never miss SMS and calls again !!

– Only app world-wide that is completely HIDDEN from the thieves eyes (no SMS triggers, no icons, customized app name, hidden GPS indicator and more)
– WIPES SD card data 100% reliably by filling the SD card with garbage data
– Auto-enables GPS also on non-rooted phones
– Exceptional ROOT support, Theft Aware even survives factory reset on rooted phones
– Continues working even if SIM card gets changed
– No internet connection necessary on phone as it works purely via SMS remote control
– No data transfers to or data storage on 3rd party servers
– No subscription fees

To enable communication to your phone you will register up to two notification numbers with Theft Aware (i.e. friends of yours, or your second phone). Those friends will then receive all Theft Aware messages for you. Now, if the thief changes the SIM card of the phone, Theft Aware will invisibly send the phone number of the thief to those recipient numbers.
By using the phone number of the thief you can stay in contact with your phone.
Used world-wide by thousands of happy users!
Theft Aware is the only tool world-wide which maintains COMPLETE SOFTWARE INVISIBILITY to the thief while the victim is provided with FULL ACCESS to his mobile phone per SMS.

– Get the current location of your phone utilizing GPS, WiFi and network triangulation
– Get online map services links to Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps or Microsof(t) Bing Maps
– Lock the phone
– Activate a loud siren, customize the siren sound
– Completely wipe private data stored on your phone and SD card (including Emails, Facebook, Twitter, GMail and YouTube Accounts, contacts, SMS text messages, photos, call logs, web browser history, calendar, sync settings, …).

The SD card will not just be wiped but will be filled with garbage data to prevent unauthorized restore of deleted data!
– Access to phone call and SMS log
– SMS forwarding and carbon copy
– Call notifications
– Backup contacts to another phone
– Backup SMS to another phone
– Let the phone call you back and listen to what happens on the other side
– Implement your own SMS commands

What’s in this version:
-Theft Aware now also tries to resolve your position using wordwide WIFI databases.
-A new setting now prevents disabling the data connection if the phone is marked as lost.
-Die settings lock now also works with newest Android versions.
-You can now set the so called THOROUGH WIPE mode.
-It lets you configure if you want to use the thorough SD card wipe introduced in build 1732.
-Within the options menu you now can clear the list of trusted SIM cards.




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