CurrencyGo Pro v2.3 [iPhone iPod touch iPad] (2.3) IPA App Download

Posted: December 1, 2011 by androidapk in iOS Apps

Currency Go Pro 2.3

CurrencyGo provides currency rates and a simple way to convert between currencies. Application supports several data sources and the way to switch between them.

– Currently three data sources are supported: European Central Bank, the international data source (with more than 140 currencies!) and Central Bank of Russia

– Do you want to see your national bank as CurrencyGo data source? Feel free to write us on and we’ll do our best to complete your request

– CurrencyGo can select the base currency automatically for more than 100 countries

– Favorite currencies list: enter the currency value to convert and get the values for all selected currencies
What’s new in Version 2.3
Fixed currency rate (USD to Vietnamese Dong) bug



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