Generation of Chaos v1.0 (1.0) Android Apk Game

Posted: November 30, 2011 by androidapk in androidgames

Generation of Chaos 1.0
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: “Generation of Chaos”, the first massive Strategy RPG for your Android device!
After “Spectral Souls”, HyperDevbox strikes again with “Generation of Chaos”, a new 100-hour game experience.

Build and govern your own kingdom. Engage in 30 vs 30 thrilling battles in real time to defend and expand your territory.
Immerse yourself into each kingdom’s story and play as over 150 characters through 10 different campaigns.

The Dravanian revolution ended in 1701 leaving a nation in ruins. In the wake of this chaos, Minister Zeo deftly rose to emerge as Dravania’s new leader. Before long, Zeo began to transform Dravania into a powerful military force. Now, Dravania has risen from the ashes to restore peace and prosperity to the rest of Lost Grounds…

– The first massive Strategy RPG for Android
– Over 150 unique commanders
– 10 different campaigns
– Over 100 hours of gameplay
– 30 vs 30 epic battles in real-time
– Animated special attacks and spoken events
– Two touch configurations (including a tablet mode)
– Support for Touch & Keyboard with key mapping
– Xperia PLAY optimized



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