ToDo Pro | To Do List Full v1.2.5 Apk App

Posted: November 26, 2011 by androidapk in Android OS, androidapps

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Create and manage tasks lists, synchronize them with ToDo Pro.

Create and manage tasks lists, synchronize them with ToDo Pro.

NOTE!!! /* ToDo Widget will not work if app is moved to SD card. This is the restriction of Android OS */
ToDo Pro helps users create and effectively manage their To Do lists.

– Simplicity and ease of use! We tried to make ToDo Pro very intuitive and minimize the number of actions required to create and manage to do lists.
– Choice of ToDo Pro design. Make your to do list look the way you like.
– Synchronization with Google Task lists (OAuth technology is used – you will not have to tell application your password). Smart algorithms effectively syncs your to do list with google task lists.
– Create to do items not only with keyboard, but also with the help of your microphone. Create tasks with one click.
– Support of multiple to do lists. ToDo Pro are able to manage multiple task lists with multiple to do items.
– Extended properties of to do items (Notes, Priority of task, Due date etc..).
– ToDo Pro has built-in time tracker. Know how much time is spent on concrete to do item.
– Alarms. ToDo Pro supports notifications for individual to do items.
– Minimal system requirements for the application (ToDo Pro needs only Internet access to sync with Google Tasks).
– Various customization options allow to “fit” ToDo Pro for yourself. Manage almost each option of to do app look

Planned changes in upcoming versions of ToDo Pro:
– Widget. We understand that to do application can get nowhere without widgets. We are working to allow the use of a widget and thus allow the ToDo Pro to be moved on the SD card.
– Skins. Current version of To Do has only 3 skins. And this is definitely not enough, that is why we plan to expamd the number of available skins in the future.
– Performance. Despite the fact that the devices become more powerful, in next version we plan to conduct performance-review, accelerate the to do app and minimize memory usage of ToDo Pro.
– Localization. We plan to add a few more languages. If you want to help us with the translation of ToDo Pro to your local language please contact us at

 Download Instructions:



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