[Rom P500] Hybrid Rom V1.4 GingerCrust 10/11/2011

Posted: November 23, 2011 by androidapk in Uncategorized

A quite similar SonyGenMod rom, but it seems stable and higher performance. A special feature is the battery life GingerCrust should flash the Kernel of Fserve . Can be considered as one of the best rom for P500 now. Version 1.4 add HTC keyboard, good support Flash Player, the Fserve Kernel update, contacts and dial the new Xperia, Xperia Arc Launcher, Ring lockscreen. ….


  • Copy the rom on sdcard
  • Reboot into Recovery
  • Wipe data / cache
  • Flash rom, reboot
  • Reboot into recovery, flash Fserve Kenel (Goldenleaf or franco.Kernel.v19.4-gbs.v19BFS)

11/10/2011 v1.4 ( This is for OLD rom baseband ) [/ B]

* Android 2.3.7

* Revert to original xperia sms

* HTC keyboard

* Flash player working

* Original Xperia keyboard

* Transparent status bar

* Arc with dock launcher

* Ring lockscreen

* Sd cashe size 4096kb by default

* VM heap size 48 by default

* Zipalighn on boot

* Xperia Framework

* Xperia weather widgets and apps

* Xloud enabled by default

* Bravia engine enabled by default

* Xbass enabled by default

* Dithering teaks

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