How to Delete SMS Messages in Samsung Galaxy Y

Posted: November 23, 2011 by androidapk in androidtricks

Some of our readers have requested for guides and tips on how to delete SMS messages in Samsung Galaxy Y. Though the process is quite simple, first time Android smartphone users have to learn their way around the OS and the hardware of the Galaxy Y.

This task and most phone related issues can be accessed through a dedicated menu key at the left side of the home key. Pressing it reveals a dialog box that indicates choices for intended action on the currently active main task. Again for the first timers, the “home” key is at the center and the “menu” key is to its left while to the right is the “back” key.

Below are step by step screenshot for the deletion of SMS messages in the Samsung Galaxy Y:

1. Open the message to be deleted.

2. Press the menu key and a dialog box appears.

3. Choose from the dialog box the intended action for the message. In this case, press “delete message”.

4. Tap to check the check box at the right side of the message. If you want to delete all, tap the “select all” and if you want to delete one by one, select the corresponding messages by tapping the check box at the right side of each message and scroll down to select more messages. The sample in the screenshot is a single message only so the select all at the top right is automatically checked.

5. Tap “delete” and a confirmation dialog box will show up. If you are already sure, tap “Yes” and if not, type “No”.

6. That’s it. The selected SMS message will now be deleted.


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