Earth And Legend HD

Posted: September 21, 2011 by androidapk in androidgames, ARM V6

Adventure game genre is still Earth And Legend HD
this game has a pretty good 3D graphics, it may not rival the game backstab times yes hehe

just try it



pass: ajie1987

how to install:

2. Run the game. There is a download option, select cancel.
3. Download sddata then extract, copy the folder com.dvidearts.earthandlegend to sdcard: \Android \ data \
4. Download dataphone extract, then:
 With the app root explorer file copy dcaa5b18db3b44121 todata/data/com.dvidearts.earthandlegend/app_home/Cache1. Download & install apk
 With the app root explorer file copy save_data.sts & save_eal.sts to data / data /com.dvidearts.earthandlegend / app_home / Saves
4. Use tricks chainfire3D Reduced texture quality if it is felt heavy grafgiknya played.
5. Is complete, run the game.


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