UC Browser v8.0.3.99 Build 110914 Unofficial English Translation by JIBIN Android apk app

Posted: September 18, 2011 by androidapk in Android OS, androidapps

New Features:
Embedded U3 core, WWW site speed analysis, a variety of layout the perfect presentThe new navigation page, you add any number of applications Comprehensive security, download scanning, site security, worry-free InternetRead mode, the zoom mode, address input to enhance the user experienceSupport flash lite, games more fun park
android 8.0 Patch release content

:Fix the problem:
1, ROM version of the model for the CM7 not run properly after installation
2, download and install flash plugin can not be used, has been prompted to install
 3, the models do not support flash10, brush over a 2.2 system, automatically upgrade to download the flash10 plugin Shique

4 Play Youku videos full-screen button Click the lowerright corner of the program completely unresponsive
5, night mode, install the skin in the download manager, after a successfulinstallation page for the night mode is still
6, from the home page click on a bookmark, it will often, bookmark button has sink, but not out of the situation bookmark
For getting the Home Page
1st install the given below edited Chinese Version
Then install the translated version over it.it will replace the version..you will get the home page for sure now…

More Info:
Download Instructions:



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