MX VideoPlayer v: 1.1b Android apk app

Posted: August 2, 2011 by androidapk in androidapps

MX VideoPlayer, according to the developers, the most advanced video player of all available in the Android today.
It plays almost all video files, including .3 gp. Avi. Divx. F4v. Flv. Mkv. Mp4. Mpeg. Mov. Vob. Wmv. Webm. Xvid and others.

 He also reads most commonly used subtitle files, including. Srt. Ssa. Ass. Sub. Smi. Mpl. Txt. Psb and Matroska Subtitle Track (mkv). With its unique feature scrolling subtitles, you can easily switch between the subtitle text.

key Features
CPU optimization – includes codecs and rendering engines that are optimized for processors, including ARM ® NEON ™ and NVIDIA ® Tegra ™ 2.
Scrolling subtitles – rapid movement between the subtitle text and change their position.
Clean text – improving the readability of the subtitle to the regulation of borders and shadows.

For an overview of opportunities and advantages player developer recommends visiting our home page.
information is taken from the site:
Developer: MX Technologies

Download free link:
Download free MX VideoPlayer 1.1b.apk- 3.2 Mb
mirror free MX_VideoPlayer_1.1b.apk – 3.2 Mb

MX_VideoPlayer_Codec__ARMv6__1.0.apk ( 2.43 МБ )
MX_VideoPlayer_Codec_ARMv6VFP__1.0.apk ( 2.4 МБ )
MX_VideoPlayer_Codec__ARMv7__1.0.apk ( 2.41 МБ )

MX_VideoPlayer_Codec__ARMv6__1.0.apk – 2.4 Mb
MX_VideoPlayer_Codec_ARMv6VFP__1.0.apk – 2.4 Mb
MX_VideoPlayer_Codec__ARMv7__1.0.apk – 2.4 Mb

MX VideoPlayer v: 1.1b Mirrors :…ayer_1.1b.apk/  

ARMv6 :…ARMv6__1.0.apk…RMv6__1.0.apk/

ARMv6 VFP :…ARMv6__1.0.apk…6VFP__1.0.apk/

ARMv7 :…ARMv7__1.0.apk…RMv7__1.0.apk/ 


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