Ultimate Weight Watcher Diary v3.0.2 apk app

Posted: August 1, 2011 by androidapk in Android OS, androidapps, widgets

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: Weight Watchers diet points calculator, widget, food database & tracker
No.1 Weight Watchers® application for Android phones and tablets for those following weight watchers the new PointsPlus® & ProPoints® plans.

  The perfect application for your new diet revolution.
This application is THE complete package for those following Weight Watchers® with built in points calculator, points tracker, barcode scanner, online and offline food databases, body tracker (weight & measurements) , activity calculator, health check tracking, notes, daily points tracker, widget, ability to email your progress to name but a few.
Full list:
+ USA, UK & Australian PointsPlus ® & ProPoints ® Calculator with Portion calculator.
+ Daily Point Diary Tracker fully supports PointsPlus ® & ProPoints ®. 100% recreates Weight Watchers ® E-Tools, with all calculation methods, Weekly Points allowance, Activity points, food divided by time of day just like WW tracker, along with favourites facility.
+ Barcode scanner to quickly add items to your diary and favorites.
+ Unlimited Food and activity favorites.
+ The ONLY app that stores nutritional information within the Tracker for calculated items to allow you to quickly & easily tailor the food item you want to your desired portion size.
+ Online database of 500,000 items along with built in database of over 20,000 items. No other Points app comes close to the size of our databases.
+ Export & Email tracker to plain text and csv (spreadsheet) formats for use on computer & to share with friends & leaders.
+ Daily Point Calculation (Aka DPA) for ProPoints & PointsPlus plans, including allowances for nursing moms, maintenance mode and Extra Boost Mode for accelerated weight loss. Calculates your daily points allowance with update functions for weigh-ins to reduce your points as you lose weight.
+ Record your daily notes within the tracker.
+ Track Healthy Checks; track your daily intake of liquids, milk & milk products, fruits & vegetables, multi-vitamin, healthy oils & activity usage with met advised indicator
+ Activity Points Calculator for ALL plans.
+ Progress Tracking with ADVANCED graphing facilities, let you track Weight (inc. BMI Calculator) & body measurements (includes waist, hips, chest, calves, neck, upper arms and thighs).
+ Two homepage widgets, one for all your daily & weekly information + weight loss widget
 + Built-in full help. 
+ EASY SET-UP guides you through configuring the program to your EXACT needs.
+ Backup & Restore function of ALL databases so you never lose your vital progress information.
+ Ability to install the app to your phone or your SD card.
+ Ability to run the application offline if you don’t want to use any data.
+ This app has been specially designed to help you throughout your weight loss journey, and to provide you with the support to enable you to meet to your goals and more importantly….stay there !
This application fully recreates the entire PointsPlus & ProPoints plans and calculations.
Please note, this application is not endorsed or affiliated by Weight Watchers®. ProPoints, PointsPlus are registered trademarks of WeightWatchers, who retain all rights.

Download Instructions:



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